Mediation is an alternative for the court way of solving the dispute.


Mediation is an attempt to solve the dispute in an amicable, satisfactory for the both sides, way, with the participation of a third person- mediator, that is neutral for the both sides and their dispute. Mediator supports the process of negotiations, mitigates tensions and helps- without imposing the solution in a compromise reaching process.


Attorney Honorata Janik- Skowrońska is a certified mediator (certificate no 312 SM5/10-11/13 issued by the National Mediator Association).


Apart from the possibility of solving the dispute in the most satisfactory for the both Sides way, mediation, in a comparison with the court way, has other advantages like shorter time of resolution of the dispute (sometimes parties are able to reach a consensus at the first meeting with a mediator) without the necessity of expectation for the court session and lack of bureaucracy- to arrange an appointment with the mediator it is just necessary to call our office or write an e-mail to choose the best date for a meeting.


An important advantage of mediation is its costs- much lower than cost of a trial. There is no need to pay a court fee. What is more, the possibility of resolving the dispute by the consensus, eliminates the expensive necessity of a court experts participation, whose involvement you are usually not able to avoid during the court trial.


Moreover, the specificity of a family cases indicates that the mediation is the best way to solve the dispute- the unquestionable profit is that Parties can reach consensus on the most amicably way, with a great respect to the Parties will, family privacy, and the children’s welfare.


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