Honorata Janik - Skowrońska


Honorata Janik - Skowrońska

Attorney Honorata Janik-Skowrońska finished her law studies at University of Gdańsk in 2005. Later, she held full-time court legal training.


In years 2005-2008 she was employed in District Court in Elbląg as a court trainee solicitor.


In years 2008-2009 she worked in reputed Office of Economic Law in Gdynia.


Since 2009 she runs her own law office.


She has a power to serve on the supervisory board in the state threasury’s companies.

Moreover she is certified mediator. She deals with marketing mediations- between the entrepreneurs, as well as family and civil mediations.


Attorney Honorata Janik-Skowrońska deals with family, property, civil and inheritance law cases.


In 2012 she was awarded with a prestigious “FORBES- processions of public trust” prize in the “attorney at law” category.

Since 2013 attorney Honorata Janik-Skowrońska is a patron of legal help and advisory office carried out by the Committee of Children's Rights Protection.


She isfluent English and she also speaks French.


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