Family law


Honorata Janik-Skowrońska's law office deals with many cases concerning family law. Our law practice includes cases between spouses, common-life spouses, parents and children, siblings and other family members.


We are especially interested in father's rights and a father's position in a family problem. We are pleased to inform that Honorata Janik-Skowrońska's Law office is a patron of legal help and advisory office carried out by the Committee of Children's Rights Protection.


Attorney Honorata Janik-Skowrońska, during her work, combines professional law knowledge with a huge experience gained in a numerous cases concerning family law issues, she has conducted.


In falimy law cases it is usually necessary to join the law knowledge with a psychology. Law offces colaborates with a psychologist- Maja Kaniewska-


Family law- guide:


Before marriage:

  • pre-marriage articles



  • marriage (all formalities that must be fulfilled)
  • marriage articles


Child origin and legitimacy of a child:

  • recognition of paternity
  • establishment of paternity
  • paternity denial



  • parental authority,
  • contacts with a child,
  • parental agreement,
  • departure abroad with a child,
  • child's documents, passport,
  • alimony


Marriage/partnership with a foreigner:

  • legal position of a person married to a foreigner
  • legal position of a children born in a partnership with a foreigner


Common-life marriage:

  • legal position of a partners living in common-life marriage,
  • property of a partners living in common-life marriage,
  • legal position of a child born in a common-life marriage


Liabilities to the family members:

  • alimony for the parents/siblings,
  • compulsory treatment
  • incapacitation

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