We deal in a compensation cases on both stages of proceeding: pre-court and court proceeding. We conduct the cases in whole Poland.


Compensations for the personal injuries based on articles 441§1, 2 and 445§1 Polish Civil Code.


To obtain a high compensation and satisfaction is needed not only a proper professional legal preparation but also a good evidences. We pay special attention to the witness testimonies, court experts opinions and documents which describe the damage or injury. It lets us to have a real influence on the range and high of the compensation.


Compensations for the property damage (based on article 361§2 Polish Civil Code)

Compensations for the medical errors.

Compensations for the employment accidents and occupational diseases.

Compensations for the accidents in agricultural holdings

Compensations for the accidents caused by the negligence

Compensation for the transmission networks

Compensations for the damages caused by the dangerous product

Satisfaction for the personal interests infringement (based on art. 23 Polish Civil Code)

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